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Steve S. Success Story

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Listen. Attitude. Results. That’s what I want in a physical therapist. And that’s EXACTLY what I get with Gianna. As a triathlete, I’ve had a number of injuries, some significant, some nagging. I’ve found that Gianna listens to my situation, and really understands my issue, but more importantly, understands my goals. Her focus is getting me back to my workouts as quickly as possible. Throughout the process, her attitude makes everything a lot easier. She is always positive and enthusiastic, while making sure I push myself effectively. Ultimately, she gets results and they come quickly.

I feel that we make improvement each and every session, and there’s no drawn-out process. Preventative and proactive exercises also play a part, and Gianna consistently provides me with knowledge and workouts to keep me healthy. On a personal note, I’ve reached out to her multiple times looking for advice or an answer to a question, and she always responds comprehensively. Gianna has earned my highest recommendation.


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