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About Fluid Physio

Fluid Physio Physical Therapist

We believe that everyone has the right to live their life to the fullest; with our holistic approach, we help people achieve unrestricted movement and improve their performance faster, taking traditional physical therapy to the next level. 

Our Mission:  guide people into making better decisions about their health, help people reach their full greatness potential, and bring a smile to anyone coming through our doors.

With manual physical therapy, we know that this is much more than just fixing the problem. It's about feeling better and moving better every single day. We make it easy to recover from injuries with our unique blend of manual therapy, modern science, and innovative solutions. We are different from other Physical Therapy practices because of our approach:

First, we identify YOUR goals and expectations. We EXAMINE your issues, ANALYZE your current situation and STRATEGIZE a program that works with your “real” workday and ENABLES you to succeed. Focusing on Manual Therapy and Movement Re-education you will return to pain-free optimal performance and function much faster than you think.

We can help with a new or chronic problem and treat injuries from head to toe.

Here at Fluid Physio, we are proud members of the physical therapy and local community. Learn more about our trusted partners.

Town Topics Readers Choice Award Winner for 2022

Let us help you with your recovery journey.

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