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LightForce™ Deep Tissue Therapy Laser

Fluid Physio is proud to offer its patients the highest level of pain relief with cutting-edge technology, the LightForce™ EX Deep Tissue Therapy Laser.


Laser Therapy is a surgery-free, drug-free option for people like you who are suffering from both acute and chronic pain. 


Treatments are fast, safe, and painless. Most patients see results in 3 to 5 treatment sessions. They also have a therapeutic effect continuing for up to 18 hours after the treatment. 

Laser Therapy is clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation associated with many common musculoskeletal conditions, such as lower back pain, bursitis, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.


Laser Therapy is endorsed by professional clinical organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), and the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP®). Over 3,000 research studies have been conducted in the field. Read more about inflammation in our blog post.

Let us help you with your recovery journey.

The LightForce™ EX Deep Tissue Therapy Laser by LiteCure® Medical is FDA cleared and represents a great advance in medical technology. Fluid Physio is proud to provide another effective treatment option to our patients with this latest proven technology.

We invite you to watch the LightForce™ EX Deep Tissue Therapy Laser in action with our demonstration video.

Laser photo Patricia 2.jpeg

“After the first treatment, I had immediate relief of the pain inside my shoulder, such that I was able to finally get a good night’s sleep that very first night. I definitely noticed improvement re: pain and stiffness with each laser treatment.”

Patricia A.

Laser photo Vano.jpeg

"I’d say the most noticeable improvement happened in those first 2 weeks when my recovery time and overall post-exercise severity of symptoms were reduced from the pre-laser baseline. I’m able to train; my severity and persistence of symptoms are manageable, and the overall arc still bends towards improvement."

Vano C.

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