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Manual Physical Therapy

Manual physical therapy is a subset of physical therapy where we maintain a hands-on approach to help you through your pain. 


Being hands-on helps us identify the source of your problem. We're able to isolate the specific tissue or joint causing the pain. This is something no other assessment tool can replicate.

We will help you determine ways to improve your pain with various exercises and/or treatments specific to your situation. Manual physical therapy will warm up and loosen your area(s) of pain so that we can do exercises that will be more effective in alleviating the pain.

Manual Physical Therapy allows us to move your muscles, nerves, fascia and joints to optimize function and decrease pain. We may use a set of tools to assist, such as instruments for myofascial release, belts for joint distraction, and tape for feedback during movement re-education.


It has also been known to aid in swelling and improving circulation. It can be a good starting point for your recovery journey and an essential tool for getting your life back to the way you want it.

Identify Your Goals

Examine Your Issues

Analyze Your Situation

Strategize Your Recovery

Enable Your Success

Let us help you with your recovery journey.

vano-pic 2.jpg

At the very first session, I was shocked that I was the only patient in the clinic during the appointment. Gianna taught me a modified nerve-gliding pose to practice. Within a few days, I had broken the cycle of constant pain, and was able to stop taking all of the medications. I went back to doing sports like speed-skating and rock climbing that I was ready to write off when none of the other treatments were working for my back.

Vano Chu


I would feel a little better after each time I saw Gianna. I quickly became well enough to go through a day of work without wanting to drive myself to the ER. It was only a matter of time until my sessions with her became almost unnecessary because my back was completely healed.

Stephanie C

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