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Movement Re-Education

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When an athlete gets injured, they often will experience pain and lose some motor control, which negatively impacts their ability to move properly. If an athlete is continuously experiencing pain that is not getting better over a short period of time, they should be evaluated by a physical therapist.


Our team of specialists at Fluid Physio use manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to create a comprehensive rehabilitation program tailored to your individual needs. We are committed to delivering high-quality physical therapy, space, and comfort, as well as a more holistic approach to rehabilitation.

A physical therapist assists athletes in regaining neuromuscular control, which allows them to move more effectively. Athletes may usually return to sports with a lower risk of injury after successful physical therapy treatment.


For athletes facing an injury, physical therapy is an important part of recovery and returning to play safely. Call us at 609-436-0366 or email us at to schedule your appointment today.

Let us help you with your recovery journey.

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"I always feel like I am in an assembly line at other PT places I have gone, and they ask you want is wrong and then just treat the one area. Gianna doesn’t do that, she takes her time to really figure out what is going on, and makes it her mission to get you back out there. Gianna is a remarkable person and therapist, she really helped guide me with exercises to enable me to continue running, and I feel so much better!"

Natalie Johnston

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"I had major problems with my knees where I couldn’t squat or lunge. After working with Fluid Physio I saw a huge change in my ability to do squats, jumping, and lunges. Now I can squat and lunge with weight and not be ridiculously sore the next day.  I’m thankful to have met Gianna.  She truly helped me become a better and healthier athlete."

Sara Nerwinski

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