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Sports Performance and Injury Prevention


Physical therapists are typically sought after for their abilities to help patients recover from injuries, but did you know they may also help you avoid injuries too? Although treating injuries is an important component of physical therapy, these health care specialists are able to provide treatments that extend well beyond the injured population.

Prevent injury, be proactive

Physical therapy can help Individuals can become more proactive by detecting bodily imbalances and risk factors that may predispose them to injury or impair their physical performance. Injuries can be avoided by analyzing and resolving these variables.

Furthermore, proactive strength and balance training can aid in the capacity to do everyday tasks as well as participate in recreational, community, and athletic activities.

Promote health, fitness and general wellness

A physical therapist will work with you to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Many therapists use a whole-body approach to treat a patient's specific orthopedic or neuromuscular disease and increase functional capability for everyday duties, job, and fitness/athletic pursuits.


Improve athletic performance

Athletes who follow a sport-specific training regimen can greatly reduce their risk of injury. Another benefit of this sort of training is improved athletic performance. These regimens frequently include warm-up activities to undertake before games and practices. They often place a high value on correct body mechanics and sport-specific actions.


Prepare before surgery

This is also known as "pre-rehabilitation" or "prehab." Pre-rehabilitation has been shown in studies to benefit individuals getting prosthetic hip and knee replacements. Patients who participate in a supervised exercise program before surgery that includes strength, range of motion, flexibility, aerobic, and balancing activities are less likely to require inpatient rehabilitation and frequently recover quicker. Prehab is an opportunity to create a trusting connection with your physical therapist in addition to enhancing the rate of favorable surgery results. Furthermore, it allows potential patients to ask questions about post-operative care and become acquainted with the clinic and its personnel beforehand.


Chronic-pain education and management

Physical therapists assist people suffering from chronic pain with exercises that improve strength, flexibility, and endurance through a graded program. This can assist to relieve pain, enhance sleep, and boost the capacity to participate in social, job, school, and leisure activities. Your therapist will also educate you on the mechanics of "chronic" pain, how it varies from "acute" pain, and how to manage your own suffering.


We only have one body, so why not utilize experts in the human movement system to keep things moving? At Fluid Physio, we can provide the same type of service, by keeping you moving and doing the things you love to do! Call us at 609-436-0366 or email us at to schedule your appointment today.

Let us help you with your recovery journey.

barbara-A 2.0.jpg

"I have the tools to make sure that my pain does not return in the debilitating way it had before and most fortunately for me, I know that I will always have a place to go if anything should change or worse case something else goes wrong."

Barbara Antoniewicz 

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"After just 4 sessions, I was pain free and back to my normal training routine. Gianna truly is one of the best in the field and wants to get you back on your feet so that you can continue with your activities of daily living and training pain free."

Charlene Richardson

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