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Mary Roseen Success Story

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

I am so appreciate to Laura and Gianna for their help in my journey to repair and understand my back and hip issues. I started at Fluid Physio because of lower-back pain and a feeling like my right hip was locked and I was crooked. It was impacting all of my movement and I was finding myself exercising less and less because of the discomfort.

Laura patiently listened to my explanations, validated my symptoms and little by little got things back into place and firing correctly. I started feeling better almost immediately and after a few weeks I was back to my normal activities. She was responsive, upbeat, energetic, and helpful. I am back to my normal exercise routines, hobbies, and I'm armed with new shoes, stretches and exercises to keep me healthy and moving the way I want!

Thank you Laura for all your support, and thank you to Gianna and Fluid Physio for your vision and care! You're the best!


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