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Ken Maimone Success Story

After suffering for 12 years with constant neck and back pain and trying the so called “traditional” methods I was about ready to give up hope. Forced into early retirement and not being able to enjoy it at a relatively young age added to my distress.

Manual Physical Therapy was mentioned as a possibility which through the Internet led me to Gianna and my life changed!

The past year took me to more doctors than I care to admit. One visit with Gianna told me I made the right choice. She cares, she listens, she shares, and she does!

Her hands-on approach immediately brought relief that I hadn’t felt in years. Continued visits brought more and more relief thus restoring hope that had long since gone away.

My true passions are travel and fly fishing. By combining the two I have experienced the best fishing and scenery the world has to offer. Unfortunately the cervical and lumbar issues created pain that made airline travel and wading the rivers all but impossible. Just prior to visiting Gianna I was booked into a trip to fish for Atlantic Salmon in Iceland. One of my dream destinations. My pain issues caused me to cancel trip. In late September I had another trip booked to fish for Steelhead in the wilds of British Columbia. After having cancelled Iceland I reached out to the owners in BC and told them I would probably be canceling. Not an easy thing to do.

Well all that changed. I came to Fluid Physio and Gianna’s magic went to work. After only six visits I made the trip and had a blast. The first fish of the trip was photographed and sent to only one person. After seeing the photo I think Gianna was as thrilled as I was….. she replied AWESOME!!!!

Words alone cannot express my gratitude for bringing me out of the depths of constant pain and struggles with optimism.

I’m not fully recovered yet but yet is a key word. Following her advise with daily exercises at home and coming in for tune ups has restored me to the point where I’m able enjoy what I haven’t enjoyed in years!!

I feel extremely fortunate that I’ve found Gianna for her professional ability and more fortunate that I’ve found a friend. She instilled hope in me that relief will come and hope became reality. She has the hands of an angel. What more can I say…

I’ve chosen to share this last photo with you showing a Steelhead escaping my hands. Gianna’s hands have given me the Opportunity to go catch him again and more fish all over the world!

Thank you Gianna


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