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Isobella Roethel Success Story

I came to see Laura at Fluid Physio after having pain in my right hip for months that just kept getting worse. It got to the point where I had started to limp and just seeing my athletic trainer wasn't enough. The pain began to limit and even stop me from throwing shot-put for my high school track team. After seeing Laura, we learned that I had something called bursitis in my right hip which is inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs in the joints. It was caused during a growth spurt that led to my pelvis rotating and getting stuck. She was able to readjust my pelvis and do deep tissue massage therapy to help with the inflammation. At my very first appointment I was barely able to move my legs in certain ways, but by my last I had more flexibility than I thought I ever had. She gave me all sorts of different exercises to help with the tightness. Thanks to Laura, I am now able to throw without having any pain.

As I mentioned I throw for my school's track team. Before I came to Fluid Physio, I was limited to how far I could throw and was always being told to use my hip more. After talking to Laura, we figured out that I had been overcompensating for my hip while I threw because it hurt so bad. Thanks to all her work with me I was finally able to use my hip again and with some other tips that she gave as to how to throw farther without hurting myself I was finally able to break the freshman record at my school. I also throw for my school in the spring, but not just shot-put, I throw discus and Javelin too. Working with Laura has taught me how I can throw well without hurting myself. I am so grateful for all she and the Fluid Physio staff has done for me, and I would have never reached my goal without their help!


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