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Dynamic Warm-Up (Video)

Ask Your PT:

Q: What can I do to warm-up before my workout? A: Warming up before a workout is essential to preparing the body for the activity that you are about to do, prevent injury and get better post-workout recovery. Positive impacts on performance include faster muscle contraction and relaxation, improvement in the rate of force development and reaction time, and increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to working muscles. Components of a warm-up should include:

  1. General warm-up: 5-10 minutes of slow activity such as jogging or walking.

  2. Specific warm-up: 8-12 minutes of activity that incorporates movements of the athlete’s sport.

These should focus on dynamic stretching working throughout the range of motion required for the sport. Examples: defensive slides, skipping, butt kickers, hopping, straight leg walking, knee hugs, lunges, trunk and arm circles.


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