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Courtney Woodfield Success Story

I came to Laura at Fluid Physio in August 2022 with persistent left gluteal pain that was hindering my marathon training. With my next race only 6 weeks away, the London marathon, Laura assessed my pain from every possible angle and right away got me headed in the right direction with corrections and suggestions from my alignment to my shoes.

With Laura’s help, I was able to start more targeted mobility and strengthening for my glutes, hamstrings and core while still keeping up my running training plan for the race. I was ultimately able to not only complete the London marathon on 10/2/2022, but also ran a personal best time of 3 hours 18 minutes. Upon my return from the race, Laura has helped me recover and move forward with more progressive strengthening. I have learned so much about how I need to do more specific strength and mobility training to run and look forward to running and racing even stronger in the coming year.

When I’m not running, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two kids (who I’m hoping will also want to run one day!) and work as a Radiologist, reading imaging studies and doing imaging guided procedures. To fit family, work, and training in every day, I get up very early! I love doing the exercises Laura selects for me and feeling the results! =


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