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5 Easy Moves For Less Pain At Work

Having to deal with a long day of work and sitting at the computer can cause us to not feels so great. This is even worst if you deal with low back pain, neck pain or generalized stiffness. Here are 5 simple movements you can do during the day to minimize your stiffness and mazimize your energy. Repeat each one of those anywhere from 3-10 repetitions, slow and controlled and you will also benefit from maximizing your range of motion.

  1. Lumbar or back extensions

  2. Hip hugs

  3. Neck rotation and/or circles

  4. Shoulder rolls

  5. Thoracic or trunk rotations

In order to maximize your best self, try to do one or any of these during your work day, perhaps every hour or at least mid-day. Be sure to NEVER FEEL ANY PAIN. Discomfort is OK but be sure to listen to your body. If you have any pain, reach out to your favorite Physical Therapist or contact us to do something about instead of suffering. Manage your stiffness and pain in a natural way!


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