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Make the Most Out of Your Session

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

  1. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY: before and after, but especially during your treatment session. Is there any soreness, tightness, tingling, numbness or aching?

  2. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET AROUND PAIN: Pain is not always evil; learn to acknowledge it and become aware of what you are sensing throughout your body. Focus on what areas those sensations are present.

  3. BREATHE INTO THOSE SENSATIONS: While taking a pausing breath, picture your air leaving your body through the painful region and taking those uncomfortable sensations away. Your body awareness will increase and you will use your mind to aid in the healing.

  4. RELEASE: Invite movement into your body. Restore normal movement as soft tissue and joint restrictions are released.

  5. SHARE YOUR EMOTIONS: Our mind and body are intimately connected. Different emotions may come to the surface as a result of your treatment. Our body can hold emotions in the form of pain that can actually keep you from getting better. Fears of movement or injury can add anxiety as you move out of your comfort zone. experienced during or after your treatment session with your therapist.

  6. COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR THERAPIST: We cannot help you if you don’t tell us. Sometimes things may not seem like they are related, or perhaps embarrassing, but you may be surprised that usually there are connections.

  7. HAVE CONFIDENCE: Not only in your therapist, but in yourself! Reinforce your goal to return to your active and pain-free life by reminding yourself that you are getting better each day. We believe in you and your hard work.

  8. KEEP FOCUSED: There may be obstacles that slow down your progress. This is normal and a healthy part of healing! Setbacks are opportunities to learn. Focus on your goal, trust the process and have confidence in the progress you have made since the day of your initial evaluation. You got this!

  9. VISUALIZE GOALS: Can you see yourself reaching that goal? Be sure to have a concrete time frame with measurable results. Don’t get down on goals not achieved on that timeline. Re-evaluate your progress along with your therapist as often as needed to have a realistic expectation. Healing will happen.

Don’t forget that pain is your body’s way to let you know something is not quite right. Listen to your sensations and communicate with your therapist, and your recovery is much closer than you think!


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