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CY Success Story

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

“I got a severe injury on my both feet with extreme pain from an ocean trip and had another mountain hike within 2.5 weeks. My Orthopedic doctor suggested to look for a physical therapist beside his treatment in order to recover fast.

Luckily I found Dr. Bigliani. She was very friendly but very professional as well. I could feel her full heart attention and caring during this one-on-one treatment and started to trust her and like her. She carefully checked the pain on my feet and started to put treatment with her magic hands.

The pain was relieved and my mental stress was gone. It was quite a different feeling than common PT treatment. In next two weeks with a total 4 treatments, my injury improved dramatically.

The key for my quick recovery was because she helped me overcome my fear to pain. She was able to distinguish the real pain source, (from the fracture or wrong muscles use due to pain) with her medical knowledge and experience. She trained and encouraged me to walk normal. 3 days before my trip I could not believe I was able to drop the crutches and walk without support.

In next week after my last visit, I hiked in deep snow and jumped between rocks under the northern lights in north Norway. I missed her charming smile and this treatment experience was an unforgettable lesson to me.”


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