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Sunshine … Present

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Summer is officially on!

Have you been feeling the stress of vacation or the heat of Summer? Some stores are already forcing us to get ready for school since the end of June. Summer pace can be a bit slower than during the school year, especially for those with kids… no early bus stops, homework or emails from school. We have to constantly fight the stress build-up in our systems to keep it cool.

While going away on vacation can be a stress reducer, it can actually bring on more stress especially to those of us that have to pack and deal with little kids. I feel like when I get back from vacation I often need vacation from vacation! Similar to other stressful things like a wedding or a move, we need to keep in mind all the positive aspects of that event. This may be an event that we bring upon ourselves and are supposed to be excited about or one forced upon us. These are often the times that we run around the most having the least amount of time to spend on ourselves. Do you think you have 10 minutes 2 leave the phone behind and walk outside? Maybe you only have 3 minutes…

The connection we have with nature is one that helps us getting grounded and often times bring us back to a more peaceful state. There is nothing like the peace I get from walking outdoors, feeling the sun in my face, listening to the birds and watching the wind blow the leaves of the trees. A walk would be great, but if all you can do is stand for a minute that will do the trick. Try this:

  • Take a deep breath and fill your belly with air hold it for a couple of seconds and then exhale. Start walking at a brisk pace. I find that when I feel like I have so many things to do I have to do them quickly so walking briskly actually helps more than leisured stepping. This fulfills my need to get there quicker.

  • Now listen do your feet make it sound as they step maybe you hear the sound of the birds or the kids screaming at a distance. What is that like? Is it pleasant, high pitched, repetitive or random.

  • Feel the air on your face arms and any other part of your body. Is it warm, hot, already sweating or cool because you’re standing on the first step of your pool. Now take another deep breath and pay attention to these little details. Sure your mind might go into all the things you have to do but simply dismiss them and go back to the details your senses are picking up.

  • In this moment, you are safe and are OK!

This pause will bring some calm. Just because you are not worried does not mean you are not taking action.


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