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Love Is In The Air

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Welcome for the month of love! We all have family and friends that we absolutely could not live without and love very much. Those are given loves. Then there are others, and I want to share with you my most favorite one. My love for the human body is unlike anything else. If you have worked with me for more than a couple of days you may have heard me say how awesome the human body is. You can train it to perform a sport or event you want to win at. You can contort it in ways you never thought possible. And on top of that you can use the mind to take it even further! Have you heard the stories of people lifting a heavy weight because either they or a friend was in danger? What about the person that had pancreatic cancer who was given 3 weeks to live and ended up living 3 more years?

When we have pain, we may say something like, “I hate my knees and they are painful when I climb the stairs,” or “I hate my back for not letting me ride my bike”. I have definitely been in that situation more than once. My most common saying is “ugh, I hate how big my rolls look today”. Working with so many people and listening to so many stories, I have learned that our bodies are amazing tools through which we experience life. No matter the shape or size or aches it physically transports our mind through time. It lets us look at stunning sights, hear striking sounds, taste delicious foods and touch fascinating textures. Its carries us through our daily struggles and victories doing everything we need to do as human beings and everything we want to do as individuals. You may not like the body that you have at this moment for any particular reason, whether it’s injury or looks, but be kind to your body, love your body, care for your body because it helps you live your life, achieve your goals and capture your dreams. It’s the only one you will ever have!


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