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Kimberly Pulda Success Story

I’ve had endometriosis for all my life and ovarian pain and cramping and everything that comes along with it. I have tried everything: depo, Lupron, surgery and surgery and surgery, therapy, electrodes, D and C’s, laparoscopies and all I gained was weight, depression, more pain and severe scar tissue, and no hope. I tried deep laser tissue therapy and to my surprise after my first treatment I was pain free for 6 hours. I had no cramps (which are always constant), I had no other symptoms and I felt ‘okay’. I was a severe case, so we did it 6 days in a row. My second day I was 12 hours pain free, and as the days went on so did the growth of my pain reduction. After my sixth visit I felt great, my pain was gone. It gave me room to think and plan on how to handle this problem long term without the depression kicking in and stopping me all together. So, I have figured out my final steps to overcome my endometriosis once and for all and I am getting surgery to get it removed. And then I plan for more laser therapy to help heal the skin and help my healing process. I loved the feeling of feeling better with the laser therapy. I don’t know if I could have got to the point of finally achieving my final goals of destroying the endometriosis without the laser therapy. It gave me the relief I needed, and I am grateful for the device and Fluid Physio. Thank you.


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