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Dr. Jen Perez Success Story

In 1997, I had a severe back injury from rowing year round and not enough cross training. It was something that started out as small pain but untreated turned into a major injury. For years, I went to doctors, massage therapists, and chiropractors with little to no relief. I took my share of oral medicine, pain killers and series of injections to only provide temporary relief.

Over the years, I learned to deal with the pain, avoiding situations in which I had to sit for too long, making sure to bend at the knees, and always listening to that part of your head that tells you that you are about to push it too far and will be out of commission, laid up for weeks.

About a month ago, all I did was get dressed and from that moment until I saw Gianna Bigliani I was a crooked, hunched over, in severe pain and just a mess. Within forty-five minutes of seeing Gianna I was standing. Something that I hadn’t been able to do for two days. By the end of the hour, the pain was significantly reduced and I was walking away with a toolbox of exercises to help me be stronger, more mobile and live a full life with my three children.

By that evening, I could empty the dishwasher, make beds, and play with my kids. I listened to her advice and followed the plan. It is really that simple and she is really that great!


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