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David Success Story

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

I have been working with Dr. Bigliani for just over a month to address shoulder weakness stemming from a pair of old injuries suffered over 30 years ago. My back muscles, pectorals, and shoulder muscles have a hard time working together, due to bad habits developed over the years to compensate for those injuries, making it difficult for me to raise my hands over my head, and even more difficult to keep them raised. Dr. Bigliani has been thorough in working to identify the source of the problem, and persistent in working with me to start to reverse the years of atrophy. She challenges me to work hard, and is warm and encouraging at the same time. She has also reached out to coordinate with my personal trainer at the gym, to communicate where I need work and ensure that my entire exercise regimen is consistent and well thought out. She really knows her stuff – I recommend her enthusiastically.


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