Stephen Douglas

Prior to coming to Fluid Physio, I was receiving physical therapy from Coordinated Health Group for Scapular Dyskenisys and a pinched nerve.  This was what the orthopedics believed was the problem.  I injured myself working out at the gym and continued for a short time.  I did several physical therapy sessions and countless orthopedic visits.  Nothing seemed to be helping.  I had a swollen upper left trap, my scapula was not functioning properly, and I had an extreme pain in the posterior detoid.

I grew tired of going through the guessing game and began searching for a physio.  I came across Dr. Gianna’s website.  I liked what I read and hoped she could help. I can honestly say she is 100% better than any PT clinic.  You get complete attention compared to a PT Clinic with six other clients at the same time.  After a few visits I would say I am nearly entirely better and pain free.  I would say I am doing the workouts I love as it is a hobby. Thanks to Dr. Gianna, I am able to do things the other orthopedic doctors and PT’s said I probably would not ever be able to do again.

– Stephen