Top 10 Most Burning Questions About Heel Pain

How long is this going to take to go away? It depends… it depends on YOU. In general, it takes to 4 to 8 weeks to go through the first 2 phases of healing (no pain, all movement and strength back to normal). It may take another 1 to 4 months to get back to…

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Battle Scars Show Strength

Common reasons for having a stiff shoulder include rotator cuff strains, arthritis, bursitis, a cartilage tear or a frozen shoulder.  Women and men that are diagnosed with breast cancer are at a high risk to develop shoulder stiffness if surgery or radiation are used for treatment.  These people experience scarring, adhesions and/or contractures of the…

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Hip Mobility Related to Back Pain?

In order to have a healthy back, hip mobility is necessary.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at least once in their life.  The grand majority of patients we see suffering with back pain have 3 common problems: 1. Weak core and gluteal…

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