Sunshine … Present

Summer is officially on! Have you been feeling the stress of vacation or the heat of Summer? Some stores are already forcing us to get ready for school since the end of June. Summer pace can be a bit slower than during the school year, especially for those with kids… no early bus stops, homework…

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Dynamic Warm-Up

Ask Your PT Q: What can I do to warm-up before my workout? A: Warming up before a workout is essential to preparing the body for the activity that you are about to do, prevent injury and get better post-workout recovery. Positive impacts on performance include faster muscle contraction and relaxation, improvement in the rate…

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Common Mistakes Resolved

If you’re like most people you have started a new workout routine in the new year. Runners are using this cold weather time to focus on their strengths however with some occasional warm weather they snuck in a run. Here are three exercises to build core and glute strength with common errors and how to…

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