Proliferation: the next phase of healing

In our last blog post, we talked a little about inflammation and why it is a necessary evil. This month, we would like to provide some insight on the next stages of healing, the proliferative and maturation phases. Proliferation can last several weeks and is occurring in the background throughout the other phases of healing….

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Inflammation: a Necessary Evil

Inflammation or swelling is a part of normal healing and we would not be able to return to a normal without it! Why are we always trying to decrease it? Why are there drugs, diets and supplements aimed at decreasing it? Without the inflammatory process, there would be no scab formation following a cut, which…

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Sunshine … Present

Summer is officially on! Have you been feeling the stress of vacation or the heat of Summer? Some stores are already forcing us to get ready for school since the end of June. Summer pace can be a bit slower than during the school year, especially for those with kids… no early bus stops, homework…

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