4 easy and quick rowing stretches

Use these easy stretches after getting off the water to “undo” what rowing has done to your body. By stretching after practice you will prevent injury and improve your performance on and off the water. You should never feel any pain with these stretches. If you do, try backing off the stretch, don’t hold it…

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A Self Movement Screen

Ready to start a new workout routine, sport or season?  Use this simple self-screen to take yourself through 4 different movements that will help you identify possible areas of injury prior to starting a new activity.

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Keep From Falling Into Injury

Belaying with poor posture and risk for belayer's neck

Although you know how to create a path to the top of the mountain or wall while avoiding a fall, it is sometimes difficult to recognize and acknowledge imminent danger. Prevention is the pillar to any rehab program. And what if the way to prevent could also make you perform better? Belayer’s Neck That nagging…

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