A pain in the butt. Literally!!

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Tired of pulling a chain attached to a fan while sitting on the most uncomfortable piece of plastic on wheels? Out of all the people I ever watched on the rowing machine, these seniors I coached were by far the happiest. Although at this stage of their life minor aches and pains are inevitable, they…

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How can manual therapy keep me in the riding?

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Phil is an avid athlete in his late forties. When he isn’t riding his bike, running, or exercising, Phil makes origami necklaces. He has been dealing with low back and right hip symptoms for the past 6 months, but that hasn’t really stopped him from doing the outdoor activities that he loves most. Over the…

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You can’t keep me inside!

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The weather is supposed to be beautiful after this crazy blizzard, so you need to go outside! You are thinking of taking out your bike, your running shoes or your dog and you’re going outdoors for a long time. It will be close to 60 degrees in the beginning of February and you think, “I’m…

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